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EduCaption is proud to work with the most experienced realtime news captioners in the country.  We pride ourselves in the fact that all have attained multiple national certifications including the gold standard - the Certified Broadcast Captioner designation. 

Training Leader: Our Caption Masters program has turned out over 300 very competent and talented captioners. 

Quality:  Our team of captioners strives to meet or exceed our standards for quality.  Our captioners are all provided the tools to interface with the stations to prepare for newscasts and monitor their caption output. Accuracy and consistency of performance is paramount.   

Partnership:  EduCaption works in close partnership with its TV station clients. We want you to care about the quality of your captions as much as we do. We want you to have assurances that you will have captions for emergency coverage in order to comply with FCC regs.   

Experience:  We’ve been in the broadcast captioning industry since 1987, and developed and launched the first local captioning project in the Southeastern United States for TV news in 1988. 

Fees:  Upon request.  See CONTACT US to get in touch. 

Awards:  The deaf and hard-of-hearing community recognizes companies for providing quality and accurate captions they expect.  We’ve received numerous awards over the years.  See below for our latest.  


Heidi Thomas and Karen Graham, WAGA Sports Anchor, pose with the Award
The Georgia Association for the Deaf at its 49th Biennial Conference Award Banquet in July of presented its first-ever Station of the Year Award for the Best Closed Captioning and commitment to the hearing-impaired community. Stations did not submit entries for this honor but were independently evaluated and nominated by the caption consumer community statewide.

WAGA/Fox5 Atlanta won the “Outstanding Captioned Television News” trophy (all Georgia markets) for the Best Captions.  WAGA has been captioned for more than 12 years by EduCaption, a smaller Atlanta-based company which not only provides Captioning services, but is a national leader in training realtime captioners and court reporters to provide communication access realtime translation [CART].

The award was accepted on behalf of WAGA by Karen Graham, the weekend sports anchor, who is a deaf advocate in her own right.  Ms. Graham started sign language classes a little over two years ago (no deafness in her family... just thought it was a beautiful language and a "calling" for her), and she is such a natural that she is a fluent signer and interprets for her church. She was moved to tears by the award, and acknowledged that the whole news operation was thrilled to receive such recognition.

It may not be an award that’s traditionally trumpeted in the television business but it’s certainly one that elevates an underappreciated effort.  It also makes a wonderful addition to WAGA’s awards for their ongoing community service.   

EduCaption is proud to serve its clients with the finest team of captioners in the business -- well-known for their consistent hard work, their dedication and professionalism as well as their amazing kindness as human beings.  Did we mention their awesome talent?